Zemědělský skanzen


The Agricultural open-air museum  "U Havlíčků" Rapotín includes :


with exhibits of all sorts and makes from the 17th up to 20ht centruies from prams, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, cars, horse-drawn carts, horse-drawn coaches, forwarding horse-drawn carts to fixed motors, tractors, agricultural and military engieering, moving life-sized dummies, and things like that;


where some animals (also foreign ones) are let out. You can see there domestic and forign animals such as monkeys, llamas, camel, donkeys, African goats, sheep, ostriches, peacocks, white storks, Souht American turkeys, domestic and water fowl of all sorts and origins, and many ohters, there are also some wood engravings in this area.
Cildren can have a ride on the ponies or donkeys.


well equipped with a variety of attractions for children.
In addition by reguest an outdoor fire can be made nearby, the visitors can sit and warm their own food.


Due to its originality, singular occurrence, untypical nature, peculiarity and functionality of the whole area including the exhibits, the open-air museum  "U Havlíčků" is recommended to all types and grades of schools within the bounds of classes.
The open-air museum has also been incorporated into the Lexicon of the tourist object of iterest of the CzR, colour-marked tourist routes (red, yellow), cyclo and car routes (blue) and the cyclo routes of the Czech Tourist Club 51-53 and 6114.

Open all-year round, daily from 9 to 19 including holidays and Mondays. Winter season 9 - 17 November - March.

Admission : 65 Kč for grown-ups, 30 Kč for children.

When presenting our admission tickets in some selected places, you can be offered a discount (food, accommodation, petrol station)


The open-air museum in Rapotín near Šumperk, North Moravia (CzR) Zemědělský skanzen, Rapotín 788 13, Severní Morava ČR
Tel.: +420 583 216 197, 603 870 921